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The Truth About How To Secure Your Wealth

These presentations were given in front of a live audience in November 2017.
This virtual conference was created to change your thought process about money, retirement, and the way you view life events in general. This may be a continuation of your knowledge or you are here to learn new concepts. Regardless of your category, put your seat belts on, take pages of notes, and rewatch the sections as you need to.

After you watch the presentations, you will know what you are doing is the safest, smartest, steadiest, and most tax-advantageous thing you can do with your money.

Mary Jo

The Truth About Money & What We Don’t Know

TOPIC: Introduction to using money efficiently

SPEAKER: Mary Jo Irmen


Mary Jo Irmen is your conference host as well as the author of the books Farming Without the Bank and Wealth Without the Bank or Wall Street.

Since 2011, Mary Jo has worked as a Certified Infinite Banking Practitioner while learning from the creator, R. Nelson Nash. As a seven-year veteran of the Infinite Banking Concept, she has helped clients from across the United States make the bank Plan B. She spends countless hours teaching this concept so clients know what they are doing and why they are doing it.

Among her favorite hobbies, Mary Jo enjoys spending time with her miniature wiener dog Winnie. She lives just outside of Bismarck with her husband, Scott, and daughter, Hailey.

Mary Jo is full-blooded German so don’t expect any sugar coating on any subject, much less finance. She is passionate about telling the truth and exposing the lies of traditional finance, whether that be for farmers or non-farmers. She wrote both books because she believes Americans are not utilizing their money correctly and the truth needs to be told.

American Financial System Secrets

TOPIC: How and who the money really works for on Wall Street

SPEAKER: Barry James Dyke


Barry James Dyke is a best-selling author, advisor and speaker committed to telling the truth about how Wall Street really works.

An iconoclast, Barry believes that today’s financial service and retirement planning systems continue to serve Wall Street, the government, the media, Ivy League academia and giant asset managers such as mutual funds more than the common man.

Barry and his advisory firm, Castle Asset Management, LLC has made a spiritual, intellectual, and professional commitment to act as an economic warrior that looks out for your best interests—not Wall Street.

Elder Care Do’s & Don’ts

TOPIC: The Long Term Care basics

SPEAKER: Ken Herhily


Ken is an expert in Long-Term Care, is a part of the OneAmerica® Care Solutions team and serves as the Regional Sales Director for North Dakota.

Ken’s experience in Long Term Care exceeds 30 years and is backed by the Certification. He’s passionate about teaching others the value of LTC and how it fits into a healthy retirement plan. He’s a graduate of College of Marin in Kenfield, California and began his career in the insurance industry in 1984.

How to Live and Play With Money

TOPIC: The numbers put into real everyday situations and scenarios

SPEAKER: Mary Jo Irmen


Estate Planning

TOPIC: An in-depth look at estate planning particulars and best practices

SPEAKER: Greg Gentry


Greg Gentry is a member of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys and a partner at Randall, Gentry & Pike, P.C.

In a previous life, Greg worked as a biochemist in a research laboratory at Purdue University. He left the lab to graduate Summa Cum Laude from the Indiana University McKinney School of Law. Greg melds his scientific background into the practice of law to analytically solve personal and legal problems.

Greg focuses his practice exclusively on estate planning and business planning matters. In addition to his work at Randall, Gentry & Pike, P.C. Greg has been an active member of The National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys.

Greg is dedicated to using his knowledge of the law to protect his clients’ assets, businesses, and family relationships.

Living Rich: Balancing Work & Joy

TOPIC: When it comes down to it, the most important thing in life isn’t money.

SPEAKER: Kristi Pflieger-Keller


Kristi is a trainer that combines an off-beat season of humor with her “been-there-done-that” work examples.

Whether it’s working for a non-profit, in the healthcare industry, or just being a North Dakota Mom or a Harley rider on the open road, Kristi engages her audience with stories that matter. Kristi brings a new perspective on how life and finances can be managed to maximize fun and satisfaction.