Changing the Way Farms Are Financed

My passion is making sure our farms survive!

Mary Jo Irmen | Farm Finance Strategist

Author & Speaker

Every concern a farmer has comes back to finance. It's the biggest part of their operation and it needs attention for the farm to survive. Farmers must take back control and consider making the bank plan B rather than plan A, or even the only plan. 

In order to do this, farmers must understand how important cash flow is. I share the importance of that versus assets. You'll also hear me talk about how to take back that control and stop putting your livliehood up as collateral, how to pass on the farm so the next generation does NOT have to buy it from the bank again, and how to create a retirement plan that does not involve depending on land rent.

This is all shared by speaking the farmers language with a side of NO B.S. The truth needs to be told so farmers know they can save what they have worked so hard to build. 

Perfect for any group size!

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It's so important to understand how our financial story started, whose story we are living and how to make it our story. So many of us are living a finanical story we feel stuck in and not sure how to get out.

I will share hope around how they can change their story. They will laugh, possibly cry, and most important, leave feeling as if they have options. There is light at the end of the tunnel and they are not alone in their journey to success. 

Keynote Time:  

A keynote can be anywhere from 40 minutes to one hour. Less if need be.


Breaking Down the Book 

This breakout will allow me time to share the book. We will go over:

  • Financial History of Farming
  • Infinite Banking Concept
  • Basics of Life Insurance
  • Numbers Presented in the Book
  • Strategies for Financing the Operations and Asset Purchases, Retirement, Estate Planning to Assure the Next Generation Success and Family Harmony.

Breakout Time:  

There is a lot covered in the breakouts. A typical group will have a lot of questions on various subjects covered so it is nice if I can have the minimum of an hour to cover the ground. I really like to make this time interactive so attendees get the  most out of it. The goal is to have them walk away with the solutions and options they came looking for.

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